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. Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
. Universe Contemporary, California
. Sudu Connexion, Paris
. Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Prague
. Media City Film Festival, Windsor-Detroit
. Embaúba Filmes, Belo Horizonte
. Marinis Media, Zagreb
. The Vlada Petric Foundation, Belgrade



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Greg de Cuir Jr
General Manager, EXPOBLVD LLC

Marija Olga
Associate, Digital

Jasmina Stanković
Associate, Operations

National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Intimacies of Space, from the collection of the National Gallery

Curated by Maja Abdomerovic

This exhibition is composed of pieces from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The works exhibited relate to the themes of intimacy and space, further organised into groupings including window and landscape, and more. Included in this exhibition is a mixture of pieces that have never been on display along with some of the more well-known and representative works of the collection.

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